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An amazing theatre company who not only encourages hard work and determination but also cares deeply about their kids. Highly recommended!
— Rachel M.
I’ve always worked for directors, but never with them. This was the first production we’ve ever done that we actually felt like we were a part of.
— Legally Blonde Cast Member
This company is very impressive! Bravo to everyone involved! The future of the RI theatre scene is in very good hands!
— Patricia H.
A phenomenal theatre program run by hard working, passionate, and highly qualified directors
— Laura G.
Just when I think the JDP Theatre Company can’t top themselves, I see their next show and I am amazed all over again. Their commitment to their actors and the talent displayed is wonderful. I can’t wait to see their next show.
— Heather C.
Watching Legally Blonde, it felt like I was at PPAC! An unbelievably professional performance on all accounts
— John G.