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An amazing theatre company who not only encourages hard work and determination but also cares deeply about their kids. Highly recommended!
— Rachel M.
I’ve always worked for directors, but never with them. This was the first production we’ve ever done that we actually felt like we were a part of.
— Legally Blonde Cast Member
Amazing RI based theater that provides a sense of community and ownership to all of those who participate and attend shows. Great quality of production!! I proudly support JDP and couldn’t be more proud of the company and those involved.
— Giana Q.
The JDP team is extremely professional in all aspects of theatre production and education. They combine years of experience with vibrant energy to put on fantastic classes, riveting dramas and spectacular musicals. My children have thoroughly enjoyed working with this fun and supportive group. And the shows are absolutely AMAZING!
— Kristie D.
Last night, I went to see their production of The Laramie Project. I was completely blown away. It was a cast of 14. Each actor brought such passion to each role that they played, it was so clear that this production meant something to each and every one of them. I couldn’t imagine seeing a better performance of the show ANYWHERE!
— Michael S.
A phenomenal theatre program run by hard working, passionate, and highly qualified directors
— Laura G.
Watching Legally Blonde, it felt like I was at PPAC! An unbelievably professional performance on all accounts
— John G.
JDP Theatre is one of the best! They offer a variety of classes that I haven’t seen offered at any other performing arts company, and they put on 3 to 4 Top quality shows per year with the most affordable Community theater ticket prices in RI. The whole staff is wonderful, down-to-earth, and they have a way of making you feel like you are in one big family... whether you’re involved in a class or a show, or you’re an audience member!
— Kristin A.
I’ve sent my kids to a ton of different theatre camps and JDP’s is very unique. It is very personalized and they take care of my kids like they are their own. Super affordable and my kids have been having a ball this summer. Highly recommended!
— Jessica S.
JDP Theatre Co. not only produces great, entertaining shows, but also creates an environment where cast and crew members can be comfortable and have fun. Great for audiences and participants alike
— Claudia G